Never out of stock supply

Today our customers expect simply faster, short-cycle delivery and faster responses at all levels of the supply chain. At Tootal Fabrics (Holland) B.V., we are able to offer these services in-house; one of Tootal’s successes is our ability to satisfy customers’ demands and support customers proactively to minimize increasing stock holdings.

While other suppliers have collections with a limited number of articles  and almost no meters available in stock, Tootal always has 10 million meters ready in our centrally located warehouse in Enschede, The Netherlands. Stock Service is a key competence! Tootal does not impose a minimum ordering quantity on its customers. Being a fabric wholesaler and global distributor it is our every day job to prepare orders without delay and deliver fast and accurate by truck, air and sea anywhere worldwide.


NOS programme

We have a large and innovative Never Out of Stock (NOS) programme for fabrics that are standard in our collection. When you choose items from this collection, you will not need to worry about the fabrics ever going out of stock. We consider this service to be an investment in our customer relationships.

We have an excellent grasp of our market demand and to ensure a NOS-programme for these products we adapt to this daily. Everyday dozens of containers are sailing and millions of meters are in production.



Online stock check feature

Our extensive range of fabrics, consisting of our standard never-out-of-stock fabrics and seasonal, in-between seasonal and special fabric collections, can all be viewed online if you have a Tootal Webshop account. Our webshop showcases our entire fabric collection and offers a stock check option to see the number of meters available of the fabrics selection of your choice.


Bulk fabrics

Customers can check the stock for each fabric article up to 5000 meters online when they have an approved registration in our webshop. For larger orders, you will need to contact our sales department directly, as we can then check specially for bigger bulk orders. In some specific fabrics whether these are finished, PFD or loom-state we keep large quantities available per item in our warehouse. 




Customized fabrics

Besides our extensive fabric range, and wide spectrum of yarn counts, textures and finishes, we offer a digital print service. Customise fabrics with our digital print tool and place an order request for your personally designed fabric. The fabric will then be printed for you. Certain conditions do apply to this service.

With this service, you will never have to worry about stock, because we are able to print your own customised fabric whenever you want, in whatever quantity. 

For this digital print service, we offer the following base fabrics, among others:

  • Cotton fabrics
  • Cotton polyester fabrics
  • Viscose fabrics
  • Stretch fabrics
  • Polyester fabrics
  • Linen fabrics

The deliverytime is approximately 6 weeks from date of approval of strike off. Yarn dyed fabrics, plain dyed fabrics and rotary print designs can also be done for your own design at any time, and flown in if urgent.


Purchasing and supply chain

No minimum order quantity, fast response and quick supply due to our never-out-of-stock service. This combined with our product development, generating new items, colours and giving inspiration constantly; that is how Tootal is positioned in the market!  Due to our qualified staff we are able to offer you our stock service. On top of that, we are constantly developing our workflow systems, both physically and using new digital IT technologies.

We have excellent global logistic partners with whom we have been working already for many years now. Besides deliveries from our warehouse in The Netherlands we can offer in some specific situations direct deliveries from mill to maximize fast delivery worldwide by sea or air.