Our collections

To give our customers a good overview of our products, Tootal Fabrics (Holland) B.V. has a number of different fabric collections. One of these collections is our standard collection, also known as the Never Out of Stock (NOS) program. Whether you are looking for cotton, polyester, stretch, linen, viscose and many more, Tootal offers you a large variety of diverse items in our standard- and seasonals collections.


Standard collection 

Our standard collection is divided into many collection books and thousands of items and colours:

  • 100% cotton book
  • cotton/polyester book
  • polyester/cotton book
  • 100% cotton print book
  • polyester/cotton print book
  • digital print book cotton
  • digital print book viscose

We frequently update our standard collection with new items with different fabric types and colours throughout the year, to add extra variety to our collection. We do so based on input from our designers, our customers suggestions and what’s new in the shirting fabric market.

With our webshop we offer you an easy tool to explore our extensive collections! 






Seasonal fabrics

Every season has its own specific collection. Tootal launches several seasonal fabric collections during the year to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends. We get our inspiration from our designers, watching current trends in the market, and from ideas from our customers.

Each year, we launch a new Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collection. Ranging from cotton fabrics and blends to piece-dyed, yarn-dyed and digital printed fabrics, our seasonal collections and in-between season collections have it all!