Webshop tools

Direct access to the entire Tootal Fabrics collection online. Perform stock checks. Design and upload your own digitally printed shirting fabrics. Place orders via our interactive ordering process. These are just some examples of the Webshop tools we offer so that you are able to buy your desired fabrics online on tootalshop.com.


Fabrics and stock availability

Tootalshop offers immediate, 24/7 access to all shirting fabrics online, as well as an extensive search engine to find your favourites. This way, you are able to benefit from the stock availability of each article. Customers who are more used to our regular colour cards can instead browse all colour cards and books online. 

At Tootal Fabrics, we feel it is important for the colours and designs for each fabric to be showcased optimally in Tootalshop. That’s why our webshop has detailed pictures of all shirting fabrics, including a magnifying glass feature that enables you to almost look into the fibres themselves. The pictures also feature a ruler indicating the height and width of the individual patterns.


Check stock availability online



Your favourite fabrics on a shirt and blouse



Online design tool for shirting and blouse fabrics

Tootal Fabrics offers a design tool that lets you see what your favourite fabrics would look like in a shirt and blouse. Several options of women’s blouses and men’s shirts are used to showcase the fabrics. You can even combine one design with a contrast colour and different pocket. If you then want to discuss the results with your team, just download the image as PDF from Tootalshop, including all of the fabric specifications and send it online to your team and client.

Digitally printed shirting fabrics online

In recent years, the market for digitally printed textiles has grown enormously, this method offers major advantages in terms of design and production. People want to express themselves. Tootal supports this wish by offering thousands of new designs constantly. That is why Tootal Fabrics has taken digital printing to the next level, with our digital print tool for creating digitally printed shirting fabrics online.

This tool enables our customers to design their own shirting fabric online at Tootalshop by doing one of the following:

  • Choosing a digital print design from our digital print database.
  • Uploading their own digital print design.

The desired custom-made digital print designs can be printed within weeks on 4 different digital print shirting fabrics composed of cotton, linen/cotton or viscose, in various weights.


Design your favourite print on your desired fabric


Order shirting fabrics online

Order fabrics online, easy and quickly via tootalshop.com. Order your desired colour cards, sample meters and bulk orders quickly via our webshop. We offer a fully interactive ordering system. Customers are able to view their order information via their personal user dashboard.

News, collections and shirting fabrics online

Tootal Fabrics introduces new collections regularly and publishes all of its shirting fabrics online. We are happy to inform you of any news via our newsletter, the ´Tootal OTP webshop´ app, and your personal homepage that is reached by logging in on tootalshop.com.



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