Production and quality control

A product offered by Tootal Fabrics is always a quality product. As a fabric distributor, we are in the middle of the process from raw material to end product. Our suppliers, with whom we have been working for many years, are state of the art textile mills with highly qualified and experienced staff in all disciplines. Tootal Fabrics has a longterm relationship with these mills and together we make sure that our fabrics meet the high quality standards requested by the market.

At Tootal we have close ties to all our suppliers and visit them, see them personally many times per annum, to ensure mutual benefits for our clients satisfaction. Intensive daily contact to manage all details ensures a strong global network of textile factories and suppliers.


Quality control is in our genes. Quality is monitored constantly throughout the production and logistics process, both by our suppliers and in-house at Tootal. 



Tootal works according to the following 7 quality control processes:

  1. Checks and testing during all production processes by the mill.
  2. Checks and testing, using a hand loom/strike-off at Tootal before shipment.
  3. Checks based on a shipping sample in our in-house quality control lab.
  4. Checks on our modern inspection tables in our inspection room on arrival at Enschede.
  5. Formal test reports of every batch, carried out and supplied by the mill.
  6. Oeko-tex certification of all our suppliers and all our fabrics.
  7. Tootal's management and quality control staff visits all production sites very regularly year-round to guarantee constant and best possible quality and service level.


This quality control process has been guaranteed by Tootal Fabrics since decades and enables us to offer consistently high quality products to our clients in the fashion industry, as well as to our clients purchasing fabrics for uniforms and workwear. Our satisfaction base is in excess of 99% daily.

A test report is available for all our fabrics. Tootal Fabrics is AEO and Oeko-tex certified.


AEO certified        OEKO-TEX certified